Title: Active Listening: Build Strong Connections through Non-Verbal Communication and Paraphrasing

Tools: Canva, Photoshop

My Role: Needs Analysis, SME, Instructional Design, Development

Time in Development: 1 Day

Client: Personal portfolio piece for IDOL Academy

In this slide deck, learners build rapport and paraphrasing skills through coaching conversations.

Title: Learning Toddle: Onboard Training for Educators and Students

Tools: Canva, Screencastify, Photoshop, Snagit

My Role: Instructional Design, Developer, Trainer, Needs Analysis, SME

Client: Pan American School of Bahia

Time in Development: 1 Week

This is the slide deck for a multiple-day onboard training for a new Learning Management System given by teachers through Zoom at the Pan-American School of Bahia.